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Today and Future Events

Today, we went to Porchetta and Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. What did you guys think of it? Share photos if you have any.

As mentioned in the Facebook group, we will have a guest speaker from The Modern coming to Tech next Tuesday, May 1st. As a result, the usual Thursday meeting (May 3rd) is cancelled. Be sure to RSVP.

According to the poll we conducted on Facebook, honey won in a landslide against pepper, mushroom, egg and sea salt. This means that the ingredient theme, if you will, is honey. Think about what you can cook or bake with it and share your food creations! Rewards will be given to those who participate.

Edit: Here is a recount of our lunch at The Meatball Shop.


What Is Up

  • Welcome to De Bon Coeur! We just had our second meeting on October 20th, where we discussed what the club is about, made a goal bowl, shared suggestions and got to know each other a little bit. For those of you who attended, thank you for coming! For more information, be sure to read our emails (we'll try to keep it to a minimum) and check out any future updates on this site (we are currently working on that). Be sure to also join our new Facebook group! Have a great day.

What is De Bon Coeur?

De Bon Coeur, a Brooklyn Technical High School original food club, is an amazing, gobsmacking, tongue-licking, drool-worthy club dedicated to those who love food.

"De bon coeur" means heartily in French. Its literal meaning is "of good heart." Our goal is to approach food and the world wholeheartedly.

Check out our Facebook Group for more updates.

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